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Within its consumer division MLL offers customer care services for its vendors.  Customer care involves (but is not limited to) billing, refunds, customer record management, servicing non-technical customer needs, managing all product delivery and returns, and any other customer-related issues that cannot be handled by the technology vendors of MLL.  The technology vendors offer repair of digital devices (computers, tablets, gaming system, networking equipment, etc.) and MLL maintains strict quality control of the services offered by the vendors vetted by MLL.  All customer payments are transacted by MLL and only after customers sign off on the satisfaction of the services, payments are made by MLL to the vendor.  MLL enforces all the Terms and Conditions of the vendors, and MLL maintains a 30-day “no question asked” refund policy for the customers serviced by the vendors.  MLL is not affiliated with any technology companies nor does MLL provide any technology support services.  MLL does not have any technology support personnel or technology sales agents in its employment.