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The narbs analysis is now featured in the Parks and Recreation magazine of NRPA. Read the article here

To learn more about narbs click here

MLL RecStor: Big Data and Recreation/Leisure Planning


Using Narbs and Big Data Analytics for serving your constituency

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Tested and reliable questionnaires for citizen data collection.  Click here for details

New book by Ananda Mitra on citizen data collection

Needs Assessment

Download the 2010 NRPA presentation on data collection

Please send me information about Web based data collection using QuestionBank

MLL has provided survey solutions in hundreds of communities across the United States having worked in 22 different states. The principal services provided include:

Community survey
User survey
Recreation needs assessments
Citizen survey
Interest and attitude surveys

The MLL methodology includes:

On-site focus groups
Questionnaire design
Mail data collection
Web-based data collection
Internet surveys
Online surveys
Statistical analysis
Data analysis
Reporting with recommendations
Action plan for master planning

Final deliverables include reports, on-site presentations, data and CompuRec for ongoing data analysis.

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Here is a useful link to National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA)

Here is information about citizen data collection that can be downloaded as a pdf file.

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